Become a Lipreading Tutor

We are desperately short of trained lipreading tutors. This is a wonderfully rewarding career for anyone with empathy for people with hearing loss and a clear speaking voice. Many lipreading tutors have hearing loss themselves.
There are now regular Lipreading Teacher Training Courses (LTTCs) in London, Scotland and occasional ones elsewhere. 

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Managing at the GP or hospital

GP or hospital appointments cause problems for many people with hearing loss:

Making an appointment
Being called by reception when its your turn
Talking to the health professional

The Accessible Health Information Standard was agreed by NHS England in summer 2016.
The Standard sets out clear steps for

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Managing at the theatre and cinema

Watch the Stagetext video

For live theatre with Stagetext subtitles nationwide, register for the Stagetext newsletter
Cinema will send you information about subtitled films at cinemas near you. These are mainstream films with good quality subtitles provided as on TV. it also has a downloadable app for

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Managing at work

Access to work will assess you for equipment you need to stay in (or get) work. Examples of help provided include

amplified phones
arranging for a lipspeaker or electronic notetaker to help at meetings
providing deaf awareness training for other staff

See also tips from other people (from

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Managing Hearing Loss

Lipreading classes are great places to share tips for coping with difficult situations
Your teacher will be able to provide more information on any of these topics. Here we provide information and links to other useful websites and organisations.
Simply click on a page for more information:


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Mental health – help by text

Hearing loss can cause all sorts of issues, including mental health issues, so this could be useful.
Did you know that if you text 07725 90 90 90 when you are feeling really depressed or suicidal, a crisis counsellor will text with you? Many people struggle to talk on the

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Music and Hearing Aids

We can sometimes struggle with listening to, or playing music when we have hearing loss. Here are some useful resources for hearing aid users and music –

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Raising awareness

We need

to raise awareness about the value of lipreading classes in a world where hearing loss is on the increase
more teacher training courses
a nationwide policy on funding of classes, so that their cost ceases to be a postcode lottery
to campaign for more and cheaper classes.

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Research about lipreading

There have been some important research reports about the value and provision of lipreading classes recently.

On Everybody’s Lips – report of the Scottish Lipreading Strategy Group (2015). A very comprehensive report about lipreading classes in Scotland – but applicable to the whole of the UK.  Download and read

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Struggling even with hearing aids?

Have you thought about a cochlear implant?  If you are profoundly deaf in the high frequency range, you might qualify for one. Compare your audiogram with the one below.

The Ear Foundation has a wealth of information on cochlear implants – how they work, how to get referred, where

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The National Association of Deafened People

The NADP provides information and support for deafened people, who have lost all or most of their useful hearing, to help enable them to regain their independence and enjoy the best quality of life.
Go to

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Travel tips

There is no reason to let hearing loss stop you doing anything, or going anywhere, but some tips can take the stress out of travelling.

As a hearing aid user, you are entitled to a disabled rail card. It costs £20, cheaper than the older person’s rail card, and

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Using the phone

Do you struggle to hear on the phone? It’s a big problem for people with a hearing loss. Obviously you can’t lipread on the phone – but you can make it easier to hear, or you can use alternatives.

Did you know that iPhones and Blackberries have a built in

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What your class will cover

What your class will cover
In class you will meet others who have similar problems. You will

learn more about how to get the best from today’s hi tech hearing aids
get information on organisations that can help you
join in discussions on types of hearing loss and ways

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Who are lipreading classes for?

Classes are for anyone who struggles to hear. They are often – and more accurately – called ‘Lipreading and Managing Hearing Loss’ classes.
ATLA (the Association of Teachers of Lipreading to Adults) is the only organisation in the UK dedicated to teaching this valuable skill. All ATLA members are qualified

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Why can’t I understand speech?

Do you understand your audiogram? Do you know what the speech banana is?
Find out more here

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Your questions answered

What is lipreading?
Lipreading can help deaf and hard of hearing people to follow speech better. Lipreading is using your eyes to help your ears. Sometimes it is called speechreading (especially in the USA).
We look at how the lips, tongue and jaw move, as well as facial expressions. When

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