ATLA (Association of Teachers of Lipreading to Adults)

Our aim is to create a world where lipreading classes are available to anyone who needs them.

Hearing loss is the most isolating disability. As Jack Ashley famously said “Deafness separates humans from humankind.”

Fight for local lipreading

We believe that everyone with hearing loss should have access to a local lipreading class – and that includes you!Lipreading is a hugely valuable communication skill for people with all levels of hearing loss, yet there’s a real shortage of classes across much of England.That’s why, in Lipreading Awareness Week, ATLA and Action on Hearing Loss  launched our new Lipreading Campaign guide to help you convince your local college to provide an affordable lipreading class, if one doesn’t already exist.

Not only do these relaxed classes teach you how to lipread, they also improve your communication skills, introduce you to useful equipment and give you the chance to share experiences with others in similar situations

Follow this link and fill in the short form to download our Lipreading Campaign guide, and you could improve access to lipreading classes for you and your community! (Link will take you to the Action on Hearing Loss website).

Feedback from the Lipreading Community

"We're normal people"

What people say

Kenny Miller
Attending lipreading classes has shown me I’m not alone, other people are struggling with everyday activities the same as me
Akira Tunr
Lipreading classes give me the confidence to get on with life
Tony Brown
It is a very enjoyable, relaxing way to learn with friendly people who have experienced similar difficulties as you have yourself