Please bear with us whilst we work to restore the classes search facility.  In the meantime, you can find a class near you or an online class by using the instructions below.  

To find a class near you start by typing your town or city in the  ‘type keywords…‘ search bar above. If no classes are listed for your town or city, try your county or adjacent county.  

Scroll down the ‘Search Results’ to see all the classes listed for your town, city or county.  Click on a class to see further details about it. 

To find classes currently running online, please type OnlineClass (as one word) in the search bar.  Please note that many of these classes will go back to their usual venue once restrictions permit.

If you are interested in online only classes, please type OnlineOnly (as one word) in the search bar.

We are currently updating the listing.  If you don’t find a suitable class, please contact ATLA’s Classes Officer at

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