How can I practise my lipreading?

A new website, Stories for Lipreaders, has been launched. It’s aimed at experienced lipreaders who want a chance to practise in the comfort of their own homes.

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Your questions answered

What is lipreading?
Lipreading can help deaf and hard of hearing people to follow speech better. Lipreading is using your eyes to help your ears. Sometimes it is called speechreading (especially in the USA).
We look at how the lips, tongue and jaw move, as well as facial expressions. When

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ATLA leaflets

The following leaflets are available to download.

Lipreading: an aid to communication. Covers: What is lipreading? Will lipreading help me? How easy is lipreading to learn? What can you learn in your lipreading class? Plus 10 tips to help you lipread.
Download Lipreading: an aid to communication

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Research about lipreading

There have been some important research reports about the value and provision of lipreading classes recently.

On Everybody’s Lips – report of the Scottish Lipreading Strategy Group (2015). A very comprehensive report about lipreading classes in Scotland – but applicable to the whole of the UK.  Download and read

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