Vision, purpose and aims

Our Vision and Purpose
Vision: To create a world where lipreading classes are available to all who need them
Purpose: To provide a professional and recognised association for teachers of lipreading to adults, and to work in partnership with others to ensure that everyone challenged by hearing loss has access to lipreading classes and appropriate support

Our Aims
To raise the profile and priority of lipreading, and of those who are qualified to teach it, throughout the UK and beyond.
To generate awareness of the benefits of lipreading, related communication skills and tactics.
To promote understanding of the needs of  people with hearing loss who want to use
speech and/or lipreading to communicate.
To always promote continuous professional development so that the highest quality of lipreading teaching is available.

Our work is guided by the following values and principles:
Confidentiality: We will respect the confidentiality of learners and colleagues at all times
Respect: We will embrace the principle of respect for individuality
Ethics: We will maintain ethical and professional standards at all times
Discrimination: We will embrace equality and diversity ensuring that our teaching practices are inclusive and accessible
Openness: We will be open, transparent and accountable in all that we do

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